Tool to Unformat Data from Windows and Mac PCs

Have you formatted your Windows or Mac computers? Formatting removes files and folder from hard drives, memory card, XD card, USB driver or any other data storage device. It leads to huge data loss from hard drives. In such horrible situation, you can use Unformat tool to recover formatted drive in simple and effective manner. This software is compatible with all the latest operating systems of Windows and Mac. With… Read Article →

Software to Recover Data from PNY Memory Card

“Hi friends, I need an urgent help from you guys. I formatted my PNY memory 32 GB slot accidentally. I was using this card since long back time and I stored many important files in the PNY memory card. Unknowingly,  I formatted the Card.!!! Due to the formatting of the memory card, I lost each and everything from the PNY memory card. Can anyone help me out this horrible situation? … Read Article →

Superb Tool to Regain Deleted Music on iPod

“I am in need of help..! I erased all the music files from iPod. While I was browsing on iPod device, I unintentionally clicked on option delete and lost all my favorite music files. Unluckily, I do not how to perform recovery of erased music files iPod. So any sort of help is essential and is greatly appreciated”. Today, plenty of iPod users suffering from iPod music deletion scenarios if… Read Article →

Deleted Excel 2007 File Recovery Software

Excel file is an easy and fast way of accessing the information, documents and many more important data as because it stores data altogether. This excel file will contain column and row which diagrammatically save the information as per the requirements of the user.  After pasting the data into Excel sheet then you need to save these files by giving a proper address to the files and this will help… Read Article →

What’s in with your Windows Recycle Bin?

Have you ever had a closer look on to your Windows Recycle bin? We all know that Recycle Bin holds all your deleted items and if required files can be restored. It can be your documents, pictures, videos, music, folders etc. deleted in the system; item can be quickly brought back in its original location by clicking on Restore button. If you are aware, your Windows recycle bin features some… Read Article →

Software to Recover Data from Sony SxS Card after Format

“…Few days before, While I connected Sony SxS card to my system in to transfer the data, I received a notification pop-up so as to Format the Sony SxS card to view the data.  Without sparing a second thought, I formatted Sony SxS card as per system notification and after format I realized that all the files that stored on SxS card got deleted. What’s next?? Are all my files… Read Article →

How to recover deleted emails from outlook 2016

  Sometimes the end user may unknowingly delete any of the data which is critical one from your Outlook mailbox. Then you think it is recoverable!! Yes, it is very much possible to recover!! The first thing is to look all the Deleted Items folder. If you can recover deleted items from outlook 2016 then it is very much fine. In case if the user failed to retrieve from deleted item than… Read Article →

Mov file repair

MOV is a very well-known file formatting remedy to Apple Inc, which is used for storing multimedia data. A system which uses .mov as its file format for storing bulky video files. This file format is widely used with a large range of media files, such as animation, music, and recordings. It is very much reliable of sharing and transferring caliber to one of this reasons. The end user will… Read Article →

Software to Recover Data from Sony Flash Drive

Flash drives are data packing devices which are classically rewritable and detachable. They are friendly and smaller in size. hence, flash drives are simple to carry. Moreover, they can be accessed anytime, from anywhere in the world with an ease. Sony is one among the brands which is the manufacturer of flash drives. Sony flash drives have gained popularity in this computer era which provides high data transfer rates and… Read Article →

Software to Recover Windows 8 Files

“…. I’m running Windows 8 Operating system. A few days ago, unfortunately, I formatted the drive. As a result of it, entire files from the drive has been erased. I don’t even have a backup, I’m worried!!! Is it possible to recover Windows 8 data? If-so, could anyone suggest me; how to recover the formatted data from Windows 8.” The data or files gets deleted/lost due to many reasons. If… Read Article →