Tool to Repair Corrupt Zip File

ZIP file is a data containers which has one or more files can be stored inzip-repair compressed form to reduce their size. It is compressed so that large size files can be easily transferred or shared over the network to reduce the transmission time. Most of the people used to compress the files and transfer them over the web but the risk of getting corrupt are more. The Zip file may get corrupt or damaged due to any known or unknown reasons then don’t get panic, as you can take the help of Repair Corrupted ZIP software to repair corrupt Zip file within few clicks of the mouse. This software is specially designed to repair corrupted or damaged, inaccessible ZIP or ZIPX files. The software is capable of repairing password protected ZIP files and the files that are created on WinZip or any compression utility.

 How ZIP File Get Corrupt?

  • Due to error while compressing Zip file may corrupt the ZIP header file.
  • Interruption during transferring of ZIP file over network due to the low network connection.
  • Malfunctioning of WinZip tool using which files are being compressed
  • Presence of bad sector on system hard drive where Zip files are saved
  • Virus infection may also lead to corruption of ZIP file.
  • CRC error during transfer due to change of encoded bits of Zip file
  • Unexpected termination of WinZip app while extracting Zip file
  • Unexpected system shutdown while downloading or compressing Zip file
  • Downloading Zip files from any malicious site
  • Files are extremely compressed in a ZIP file, while extracting error due to low disk space or memory may lead to corruption of data
  • Incomplete download of a ZIP archive may also corrupt the file and makes the files inaccessible
  • Unknown compression may corrupt the internal structure of ZIP file which makes the ZIP file inaccessible.

If you lose ZIP file due to any of the above-mentioned scenarios then don’t get devastated. You can take the use Repair Corrupted ZIP software to perform corrupt ZIP File Repair with great ease. Repair Corrupted ZIP software is particularly designed to repair corrupted or damaged, inaccessible ZIP file.

Features of Repair Corrupted ZIP software:

  • This software can repair corrupt ZIP ZIPX files or folders on all version of Windows operating system such as Windows Server 2008, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc.
  • It can repair both 64 and 32 bit ZIP archives files.
  • The software is capable of repairing ZIP achieve that are created in WinZip and repairs password protected ZIP files.
  • This software reads and extracts the damaged or corrupt ZIP file contents without changing the original file.
  • The repaired ZIP file contents can be previewed once scanning process is completed.
  • You can also save the repaired ZIP file to any drive or location according to your need, once you activate the licensed version of the software.
  • The software can repairs corrupt or damaged ZIP file that is stored on a various storage device such as memory cards, FireWire drive, system hard drive, pen drive, external hard drive, memory sticks, flash drive, etc.