Learn How to Start LG Portable LED Projector with Smart TV and Magic Remote PF1500

Oversize white brick, LG Portable LED Projector with the Smart TV and the Magic Remote PF1500 are the key requirements of projector. However, it is just so small, light, big screen TV, complete with the tuner and the LG’s Smart TV features. As TV, it is unusually small and light since it uses projector for the display. It has an excellent image quality, and the PF1500 stands for a big-screen HDTV then you can also carry it in one hand.


The LG offers numerous products which marry TV to projector. Several share of a family likeness with each other but PF1500 invites comparisons. Compact Pebble Design Smart Minibeam Projector PW800 is less expensive and it is portable and the pricier LG Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector with Smart TV (PF1000U), that is our Editors’ Choice premium home entertainment projector.

Basics and Brightness

The PF1500 is built in around a 1080p DLP chip paired with red, blue, and green LEDs as the light source. But unfortunately, the brightness level is not clear enough. LG rates is “up to” 1,400 lumens, but you are able to add the hedge that the rating is completely based on “perceived brightness equivalent to brightness of amp projector,” that is to say, it is not really 1,400 lumens in the objective, measureable sense.

The TV Part

With LG PF1000U, TV tuner and LG Smart TV are the built in devices for PF 1500 that defines features which is apart from most projectors. First of all connect a coaxial cable from antenna or RF video source then use PF 1500 to surf TV channel. Then connect them to a network using an Ethernet cable or with the built in Wi-Fi. You may also use Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter to download with the LG SmartWorld.


The PF 1500 weight is approx 3 pounds and 5 ounces and the dimension is about 3.3 by 5.2. The setup is of standard fare with 1.1x zoom.


In order to need a projector which is also a TV, give a look at the Epson Home Cinema 2040 3D 1080p LCD Projector, the Editors’ Choice 1080p, 3D home-entertainment projector. If you are having built-in TV features are the key requirement, then consider the LG PW800 or the PF1000. The previous is more portable as compared with those two. However, LG Portable LED Projector with Smart TV and Magic Remote PF1500 are the strong contender. It is almost as portable as the LG PW800, but most capable, and is almost as good as the LG PF1000, but quite expensive.