Learn How to Recover Images from Corrupted SD Card

Let us assume one of the situation like, you have got a new house. You were very busy in capturing all the photos from your digital camera. You were so excited to send those photos to your family and friends when you went to copy them by using the card reader. When you connect your SD card on your system through card reader, you were shocked to see that drive has been corrupted. You were so devastated because you not only lost your photos but also your video files that you saved on your SD card. But there is no need to be worried much because you can get the easy solution by using the best recovery software. . Corruption of the SD card occurs doe to numerous reasons. When you mistakenly unplugged your SD card from the system while you are transferring any of the images from the SD card to other storage devices you encounter the error message like drive is corrupted. The SD card which has shown up these messages will not allow you to access any of the files which has stored on this SD card. Some of the other causes that results in corruption of SD card are mentioned below

  • Sudden system termination while you are transferring any of the images from the SD card to the system drive.
  • Abrupt removal of the SD card from the system during transfer process.
  • Mishandling of the SD card
  • Instant power supply
  • Virus infection
  • Corruption of file system of the SD card
  • Continuous formatting the SD card
  • Unintentional formatting of the SD card

The images which you have lost from the SD card will not be permanently erased from the corrupted SD card. Operating system just removes the references of the SD card files from the file allocation area by leaving the images as it is on the SD card until space is occupied by the new files. Hence it is possible to recover all those images from the SD card by using the SD card recovery tool. SD card recovery software is the most powerful and reliable tool that allows you to retrieve corrupted, damaged, formatted, lost files, deleted files, videos, music, from the SD card with ease. It supports all types of SD card types and various file formats. This tool is designed with the wizard style interface that allows you to get back all the images easily from the corrupted SD card. This tool deeply scans to recover files from corrupted iPod to identify and extract all types of file formats.

Some of the tips to avoid loss of images from SD card

  • Recover the images by using the proper and updated backup.
  • Always insert the SD card in the expansion slot of digital camera.
  • It is suggested to access the SD card in your PC via card reader
  • Always use powerful and reliable SD card recovery software.