Learn Easy Way to Print on Both Sides of Paper

In order to print on both sides of paper with Mac operating system such as v10.10 Yosemite, OS X, v10.9 Mavericks and v10.11 El Capitan you need to read this article carefully. It depends upon the model to print on both sides of paper automatically or you have to flip pages manually to print both sides. You can check the user guide to see how the method works with the printer.

You need to install a duplexer accessory then you have to confirm whether it is configured on your Mac system and then set up printer settings. If the printer supports automatic duplexing then there is no need to install duplexer accessory.

Step 1: First of all ensure that the duplex printing accessory is properly configured

  • Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then press on it, then you can click Printers & Scanners.
  • Select your respective printer from the Printers list appeared in the left panel, then press Options & Supplies.
  • At last Press Options, then choose the check box which is next to HP Two sided Printing Accessory or Duplexer.

Step 2: Set up the print job for duplexing

  • Put the papers into the input tray which is for loading papers. The printer first prints front side of the paper. You are advised to load the paper with top edge first and then the print side facing down.
  • Open and select the document which you want to take print.
  • Press on File, then click Print button. You can also use the shortcut by pressing Ctrl+P to directly start the printing process.
  • When the Print window is minimized, press the drop down arrow which is next to printer model or press the Show Details to expand the options of Print window.
  • You need to choose your Printer, then select check box appears next to the Two Sided option.
  • Next is click the down arrow which is next to the application, and then select Copies & Pages or the Media & Quality in order to see available panels.
  • You can have also option to select the Layout from the available drop down list.
  • Then Layout panel opens.
  • From the opened Two Sided drop down list, you need to select Long-Edge binding which is portrait orientation or Short-Edge binding which is landscape orientation depends upon the orientation you need for your pages.
  • Press Print.