How to Recover Formatted SD Card?

SD card is one of the portable storage devices which store many types of data like images, videos, music, document files and so on. Mainly SD card is used in mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods, tablets etc. There are four types of SD card such as SDSC, SDHC, SDXC and SDIO which is manufactured by different companies such as Samsung, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony etc. These types of memory card provides you facility to store huge data, power saving, long lasting in nature, small in size and so on. But even some outstanding features of SD card, sometimes you may face data loss issue due to format of SD card.

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Are you facing data loss issue due to format of SD card? Do you want to know about how to recover formatted SD card? If yes, then simply you do one thing, download and install Recover Formatted SD Card software and follow some simple steps. This application is capable enough to recover any type of data from formatted SD card. This tool is also available for free downloading.

Some reasons behind the formatting of SD card:

  • Accidental formatting of SD card: Most of the time, user face data loss problem due to his own mistake. If you format SD card mistakenly then this may be the reason behind the loss of files from SD card.
  • Abrupt Shutdown of Portable devices: When you are using your portable devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, iPods etc and if due to any unwanted reason your device get shut down abruptly. Then there is a chance of corruption of SD card which may work after formatting of SD card.
  • Virus infection: If your SD card is infected from virus then there is a huge chance of loss of SD card inaccessibility. As a result, formatting of SD card is only one solution to make your inaccessible SD card to be accessible.
  • File system corruption: File system stores many of the essential data of SD card. If due to any reason, file system get corrupted then there may be a chance of corruption of SD card. As a result, you perform formatting task of SD card.

Anyway friends! If you want to recover any type of formatted SD card then you just need to opt for Recover Formatted SD Card software.

Features of Recover Formatted SD Card software:

  • This tool supports all major versions of both platforms of the operating system such as Windows OS and Mac OS X.
  • You can perform SD card data recovery task from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, EXTFAT, HFS+ and HFSX partitions with great ease.
  • This tool recovers any type of Formatted SD card such as SDSC, SDHC, SDXC and SDIO and after completion of recovering process; you can preview the recovered files.
  • This tool has simple graphical user interface. So you can perform formatted SD card recovery task with such an easy way.
  • By the using of this application, you can recover several brands of Secure Digital cards such as Transcend, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, PNY, Panasonic and so on.

Note: See here what this software truly recovers with the help of Recover Formatted SD Card software.