Easiest Method of Fixing Outlook PST File

“Consider this situation, you have configured two Outlook profiles on your Windows PC. One is specifically for office purpose and latter is personal. In order to use Outlook profile on another system, you tried to move the PST file to an external drive but in between the process it was interrupted due to an unexpected shutdown. After restarting the system, you find it odd to see that you were not allowed to access the Outlook profile on your system hard drive, PST file didn’t got copied to the external drive also. Now you couldn’t access any of your mails both personal and official. This is a desperate situation for any user. Damage to the PST file is the main reason that caused this sort of situation. The only way to get back the access to your Outlook profile is by fixing PST file. So, now the big question in front of you is, how to fix PST files?”

As you know, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used email client application across the world for communication. Whether it be sending/receiving emails, managing contacts and personal information, creating journals, attaching files, adding reminders and tasks and many more, Microsoft Outlook is preferred over any other application. Users can create and manage multiple profiles on MS Outlook. The attributes of Outlook are stored inside a single file, i.e. PST (Personal Storage Table). You can also access Outlook when you are offline (without internet connection) with the help of Exchange Server offline data is saved inside OST file (Offline Storage Table)

It’ very important to find out the answer for how to fix PST files, but before that grasp some knowledge on various reasons that can damage or corrupt your PST file. This will be handy while dealing with real situations that makes your Outlook profile inaccessible.

Most common situations that corrupts or damages the PST file:

  • Power surge: There may be instances like power surge that makes the PST file corrupt or damaged and thereby makes the Outlook profile inaccessible. This sort of situation also occur due to sudden system shut down, the entire file structure of Outlook gets corrupted leading to data loss.
  • Virus attacks and other external threats: You might send and receive lot of mails through the Outlook, but along with that there may be attachments also. As Outlook is exposed to internet, you might receive harmful data as attachment that eventually enters into your system making your PST file corrupt.
  • Outlook malfunctioning: There may also be instances, where your Outlook application behaves in an unusual way. There may be various factors that are responsible for the malfunctioning of Outlook like insecure data, loss of system files or inappropriate modifications and many more that results in loosing access to the profile.
  • PST over size: PST file size was limited to comparatively smaller size with earlier versions of Outlook. New versions of Outlook have increased the file size considerably but still the probability of overriding this limit is not out of place this makes the Outlook profile inaccessible. Outlook stocks all important and unimportant mails along with other folders that will result in oversize issues.
  • Damage to recovered PST files: There may be times that user might make use of an unreliable third party tool after the loss of PST files from the hard drive. The recovered PST file might be of no use as it might be damaged.
  • Upgrading Outlook: User might think to upgrade the Outlook version from one to other in order to use the enhanced the features of Outlook. But while upgrading the Outlook user might encounter with unusual errors thereby the PST file get corrupted and will lose access to their Outlook profile.
  • Other reasons: PST file can turn unresponsive also due to the network and other logical errors, user will not have any idea on what happened with their profile under these circumstances.

In case, if your PST file gets corrupt or damaged due to any of these reason, then probably you will be denied with the access to Outlook profile along with the attributes and you may encounter with any of these following errors:

  • Cannot find .pst file.
  • The file xxxx.pst could not be found.
  • Unknown Error 0x80040600.
  • Outlook.pst has reached its maximum size.
  • File xxxx.pst could not be accessed. Data error, cyclic redundancy check.
  • The file [drive]:\[path][file name].pst could not be found.

Frequent Outlook users might have faced these sort of errors many number of times. As discussed it is very important for any user to fix the damaged PST file to get back their Outlook profile. You can adopt two methods to fix PST file i.e. default method of Outlook by using Scanpst.exe and the latter is with the help of third party tool.

First Method

The default option provided by Outlook i.e. Scanpst.exe which is an inbuilt tool that examines the Outlook PST file and fixes every error and finally makes the Outlook profile back to perfect condition. Scanpst.exe is available for different versions of Outlook, where to find Scanpst.exe is described below:

  • In Microsoft Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15
  • In Microsoft Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
  • In Microsoft Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12
  • In Microsoft Outlook 2003: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\<locale ID>
  • In Microsoft Outlook 2000: C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MAPI\<locale ID>\NT\

Major drawbacks of inbuilt Outlook repair tool – Scanpst.exe

Although Scanpst.exe has the ability fix PST files that are damaged or corrupted, scanpst exe will not open at some cases due to various reasons. Another major disadvantage of this tool is that it repairs PST file by manipulating the source PST file itself. So in case if it couldn’t fix the errors, this might lead to further damage of PST file making the situation even more worse. In addition to that, one must have sufficient skills to locate and use this tool for repairing PST files, as we know every user may not be that much efficient to carry out this process. So, our best advice is rather than preferring this tool which have a risk element too, you can better opt for a professional third party tool to fix errors associated with PST files.

To know how to repair your Outlook personal folder file (.pst), visit this link

Alternative Method- Using third party applications:

Using third party tool to fix outlook PST errors is much convenient but you have to choose it wisely, as there are lot of fallacy applications available on the internet. Getting access to a comprehensive tool to fix PST files makes life easy for you. Here we recommend one such application that guarantees you safe repair of Outlook PST files.

Fix PST tool:

Fix PST tool is specifically designed for repairing PST file errors. It is equipped with lot of enhanced features that allows quick repairing of PST files. It is a ready only application i.e. it never modifies the source PST file unlike Scanpst.exe which directly modifies the source file instead it creates a new healthy PST file. This feature of this application gives Fix PST a higher hand over Scanpst.exe. This professional software allows users to fix PST as well as OST file that is corrupted or damaged due to any of the above mentioned reasons.

Fix PST is one of the most recommended application by technical experts as it helps in repairing information from corrupted or damaged PST file with utmost ease. This tool has the potential to get back data from PST file, which includes sent and received emails, contact information’s, calendar entries, journals, attachments along with emails, reminders, tasks, RSS feeds and many more that are lost or deleted due to various reasons.

This efficient software supports repairing damaged PST files that are created using various versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Outlook 2000, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, etc. on Microsoft Windows operating system’s like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and other versions. Using this application you can easily mend the protected PST as well as OST files that are corrupted or damaged. This application is extremely easy to use, it is developed by a team professional experts. The hassle free design integrated with this application makes it convenient even for users with minimum technical knowledge to repair corrupted or damaged PST and OST files. All of these features contributes to the reputation of this tool, it can also mend PST files that are damaged by the usage of Scanpst.exe. It is by far the best application that will help you in severe corruption situations where the inbuilt application doesn’t work.

You can test the performance of Fix PST by downloading the trial version of this application from internet, it comes with all the features except the saving feature to enable the save option you can purchase the key to activate the full version of Fix PST application. Trial version allows users to preview the lost or deleted emails and other attributes in Outlook style browser. To know more about Fix PST software you can visit this page: https://www.howtofixpstfiles.com/