Configure Multiple Exchange Accounts for Outlook 2013

Most of the Windows users are using Outlook 2013 version for communicating purpose. Some users like to have multiple Outlook accounts on Outlook 2013. But, the problem is many users still do not know how to configure multiple exchange accounts for Microsoft Outlook 2013. For those users this article would be very useful. By reading this article, one can easily understand how to configure multiple exchange accounts for Outlook 2013.

In order to add multiple exchange accounts to your Outlook 2013 profile, just follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1: In the root of the network installation point, run the command \\server\share\setup.exe/admin in order to start the Microsoft Office customization tool

Step 2: If you want to edit the existing customization file i.e., .msp open Select Product and there click on Open an existing Setup customization file. If you want to create a new customization file, then select the Office suite that you want to customize and then click on Ok.

Step 3: In Outlook area, just click on Outlook profile. Next, select how you need to customize your profiles. If you wish to change existing profile, just click on Modify Profile option and if you want create a new profile, then click on New Profile.

Step 4: Here, if you want to add new account, then click on Add Accounts. If you want to configure new or existing accounts, then click on Customize Additional Outlook Profile and account information.

Step 5: To add exchange account, you need to click Add button

Step 6: In Add Accounts dialog box, you have to select Exchange and then click on Next option

Step 7: You will get an Exchange Settings dialog box, where you have to enter your account name and the name of the exchange server computer. If you want to identify a user by using a specific value, then enter a User Name, otherwise just leave the default %username% value for the User Name.

Step 8: If you want to modify the existing Exchange account in your profile, then select Overwrite existing Exchange accounts check box

Step 9: For additional Exchange configuration options such as Cached Exchange mode and Outlook anywhere, click More settings and then select Ok

Step 10: When you are finished with configuring exchange accounts successfully, click on Finish option

Step 11: If you want to add additional Exchange accounts for your Outlook 2013 profile, then repeat steps from 5 to 10

Step 12: If you are creating a new Outlook profile, then add the Outlook address book to your profile. The account allows you to use the contacts folder in your Outlook Exchange mailbox as an address book, when you create email messages.

Step 13: Once you finish all the customizations successfully, then save the customization file i.e., .msp and exit the OCT. Next, move this .msp file to the Microsoft Office installation source\Updates folder. Then, install the Office 2013 from the original installation source.

If you are interested to know more about how to configure and manage multiple Exchange accounts for Outlook 2013 profile, then check it out here