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Deleted or Lost File Recovery from CF Card on Windows 8 System

CompactFlash (CF) card is a popular flash memory card used mainly in gadgets such as cameras, smartphones, handheld consoles,etc..CF cards offer very high storage capacities and fast processing times. It is one the most successful storage devices among early memory card formats. It can be used to store images, audio, videos, and other multimedia files for your convenience. CompactFlash is a popular card choice to use with digital single lens reflex (DSLR)… Read Article →

How to Recover Lost Data from External Hard Disk

“I have a 1TB external hard disk which is not showing up any data that is saved on it. I had over 2GB of data on it and now it’s vanished out of the blue. I’m looking to now get back the lost data from my external hard disk so can someone please say me if it’s possible to recover lost data from external hard disk?” It’s possible to recover… Read Article →