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What’s in with your Windows Recycle Bin?

Have you ever had a closer look on to your Windows Recycle bin? We all know that Recycle Bin holds all your deleted items and if required files can be restored. It can be your documents, pictures, videos, music, folders etc. deleted in the system; item can be quickly brought back in its original location by clicking on Restore button. If you are aware, your Windows recycle bin features some… Read Article →

What did you do in the web browser wars of the nineties?

Nowadays, on any computer the web browser is the most used app. Windows did not include a built-in web browser when the web first come into view in 1991 and which was still the case when the web in progress to become more ordinary in 1995. In 1995, Microsoft CEO, Bill Gates said that he wanted to make clear that his focus on the internet is vital to every part… Read Article →

Patriot’s SSD enclosure and flash drives won’t disappoint you

It was in the last week, Patriot has announced different PCIe based SSDs (of M.2 SATA along with add-in card appearance). It seems, Patriot is not going to end with this. Today, they have announced a new SSD enclosure along with new series of USB flash drives. The enclosure has given a name “Gauntlet 4”, which is entirely made of sturdy aluminum. It’s a uni-body case having a lightweight tray… Read Article →

Know To Choose Portable Hard Drive

Most of the times, when you won’t be able to squeeze a file onto your computer’s hard drive because it gets filled up with data then you opt for external hard drive. It is always a good idea to back up of your important files of computer to external hard drive. Before you choose the right external hard drive, first of all you have to identify your needs, wants, and… Read Article →

Learn Easy Way to Print on Both Sides of Paper

In order to print on both sides of paper with Mac operating system such as v10.10 Yosemite, OS X, v10.9 Mavericks and v10.11 El Capitan you need to read this article carefully. It depends upon the model to print on both sides of paper automatically or you have to flip pages manually to print both sides. You can check the user guide to see how the method works with the… Read Article →