What’s in with your Windows Recycle Bin?

Have you ever had a closer look on to your Windows Recycle bin? We all know that Recycle Bin holds all your deleted items and if required files can be restored. It can be your documents, pictures, videos, music, folders etc. deleted in the system; item can be quickly brought back in its original location by clicking on Restore button. If you are aware, your Windows recycle bin features some other stuffs that can prove to be beneficial to you at some or the other aspect.

Where is Recycle Bin located?

If you want to know where your recycle bin folder resides on your Windows computer then here you go- Open the File Explorer and click on C:. Then look for $Recycle.Bin folder on the drive location. In case you are unable to locate recycle bin folder then it probably that your folder is hidden.

In order to unhide system folders you are required to change the folder option settings on your PC. For this, click on View tab on the ribbon – click on options – as folder options window appears, click on View tab –uncheck the Hide protected operating system files option – Also tick on Show hidden files, folders and drives option – Click on Yes. Now if you open the explorer, you will find recycle bin folder.

What is the size of Recycle Bin?

The size of your recycle bin doesn’t depend upon your disk size but based on the user’s disk quota. In older systems, as XP the size was 10%of user quota on the disk volume. But now in the recent systems, the default size is 10% of first 40 GB quota. In the meanwhile, this size can be changed according to usage.

How to change Recycle Bin settings?

In order to change any settings, right click on the Recycle Bin icon and choose Properties. Here you can set the maximum size limit for your Recycle Bin. You also find option (directly remove files) whereby you can remove files from the system without redirecting to the Recycle Bin folder when deleted. Also, you can enable or disable delete confirmation before removing files from your computer.

Note: You also got options to clear you recycle bin automatically after a certain point of time. Also, you can empty recycle bin manually. But you should think twice before wiping Bin contents if you mistakenly clear you recycle bin folder or its items they cannot be directly restored by any Windows utility. It also happened to me that I accidentally emptied my recycle bin and I had some very important files in it but fortunately Recover Recycle Bin tool came to my rescue. I could successfully get back my files with a greater ease. So you will need recovery software to undelete recycle bin folder or its contents.

Changing Recycle Bin icon

It is even possible to change appearance of your Recycle Bin. To check this out, go to Control Panel > click on Personalization > then choose Change desktop icons. You can also rename your recycle bin by right-clicking over recycle bin icon and clicking on Rename option.