What is the Need of Wiping Data in Computer?

Wiping of the hard drive is the way to completely erase the data from hard drive that cannot be recovered using any data recovery tool or cannot steal by any third person. Because the deletion of data from hard drive or formatting of hard drive only erases the data from hard drive, but these erased or formatted data can be easily recovered using some data recovery tools. These erased data can be like intellectual property documents, legal documents, bank account documents, etc. may be misused by any third party intruder that may create problems for you.

Hence, to avoid such data theft scenarios i need to wipe my computer data securely using wiping technique. Wiping technique deletes individual important data, programs etc. from hard drive. Wiping technique is not only used with computer hard drive, but it is also used with tablets, smart phones and gaming devices etc. Now, let’s discuss on what do I need to wipe my computer?

Whenever people want to sell the old computer, but some data are still present there on the hard drive and before selling they only erase the data or format the hard drive and sell the PC without thinking. But, erasing only deletes the data from hard drive that can be easily recovered using some data recovery software because after deletion, data is not permanently removed from the hard drive. Hence, before selling i need to wipe my computer data properly in order to avoid data theft scenarios.

While performing the wiping operation, the wiping tool overwrites the previously stored data with some garbage values that’s why it can’t be further recovered using data recovery tools. By making use of hard drive wiping process, users can improve the data privacy.

Note: before wiping out the data from hard drive you need to take care of following things:

  • Make sure that you have already taken the backup of important data before wiping out the data from hard drive because after wiping you do not have any option of getting back the data from wiped hard drive.
  • Before starting the wiping process ensure that power requirements are met properly because power surge during the wiping process can damage the hard drive.