Restore Deleted NTFS Hard Disk Partition

Let’s assume a scenario, in which you use third party Disk Management utility in order to manage the hard disks and other storage devices connected to the system. Your system hard disk has NTFS file system on which you have stored all your personal and official data. At times, you happen to accidentally delete a partition while you are creating another partition from an existing partition. Due to this deletion, the partition is lost along with data stored on it.

NTFS stands for New Technology File system. It is regular file system after NT including Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 7, 2008, 2003 and 8. Nowadays, all make you use of this NTFS partition in order to save data because NTFS has a number of enhancements over other file systems with respect to performance, security and so on.

But, any deletion of NTFS partitions from system hard drive might land you into problem. Stay relax!!! We one of the best Recover Deleted Partition Application, which is designed by software professionals in order to get back entire data after deleted from NTFS partition. Let’s be aware how NTFS partition is deleted, which results in loss of data.

Scenarios results in loss of data after NTFS partition is deleted

  • Deleted partition during free space allocation: Usually, partitions are filled with data in order to free space you have to erase all the partitions available on the system and again recreate them. This kind of partition deletion results in massive data loss.
  • Formatting: Suppose, your partition fails to open and ask you to format the partition so that it gets back to previous state. After formatting, you realize that you haven’t taken back up of your partition and hence lose all the data.
  • Improper shutting down system: Sometimes, suddenly shutting down system may lead to inaccessible partitions, which doesn’t permit you to access data from it. Now, the only option you have is format the drive and make the partition accessible.  Once formatted, the entire partition data is lost.

For any of the stated scenarios, make use of partition recovery application, which is capable to recover data from deleted NTFS partition. To know about this software, watch this video:

Salient Features of Recover Deleted Partition Application

Recover Deleted Partition application is one of the safest software, which recovers accidentally deleted NTFS hard drive partitions including data stored on it. Along with recovery of deletion partition, it is able to retrieve data from reformatted or repartitioned drives with ease. This software has powerful in built programs, which identifies and restores around 300 file types from deleted NTFS partition. If anyone is facing bad sector problem on their hard drive, you can recover data using this versatile software, which creates disk images and later extract data from it. In case, your NTFS hard drive partition goes inaccessible or corrupted due to unknown reasons, employ this recovery application and get back your complete data from inaccessible or corrupted NTFS drive without any trouble. Apart from recovery of data from deleted NTFS partition, it facilitates recovery of deleted NTFS5, FAT32, FAT16, HFS, HFS+ and EXFAT file systems.