Patriot’s SSD enclosure and flash drives won’t disappoint you

It was in the last week, Patriot has announced different PCIe based SSDs (of M.2 SATA along with add-in card appearance). It seems, Patriot is not going to end with this. Today, they have announced a new SSD enclosure along with new series of USB flash drives.

Patriot USB Type-C SSD Enclosure and Flash Drives

The enclosure has given a name “Gauntlet 4”, which is entirely made of sturdy aluminum. It’s a uni-body case having a lightweight tray powered with ABS. The interesting point about this is can be used for USB Type-C drives.

According to the manufacturer, Gauntlet 4 can be used for converting any 2.5 inch SATA SSD or HDD to an external drive. It will be very handy if you are upgrading your PC’s storage into a big SSD. This enclosure is coming with two connecting cables, one micro B to Type-C type and other one is Micro B to Type-A. By putting this enclosure into a USB 3.1 Gen 2 port will definitely boost the performance. Patriot, itself had tested this thing using a Patriot Pyro 240GB SSD. The test results was quite positive. It showed around 22% faster write times and 16% faster read times than Gauntlet 3.

This product is expected to arrive at the end of this quarter for the price of $40.

Patriot also announced new flash drives of different families. One was in Viper series which is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 product. It is available in 3 storage capacities, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. All these variants have a red and black color tone with Viper logo plastered on its swing arm. This arm keeps the connector protected from dusts.

The basic model PV64GUSB is off 64GB version tagged with a price of $35. The 128GB drive (PV128GUSB) can be purchased for $55 whereas the premium product of 256GB has a market price of $95.

Supersonic Mega USB is another flash drive announced by Patriot which is also USB 3.1 compatible. Patriot claims that it provides read and write times up to 380MB/s and MB/s respectively. Its basic 128GB version is priced with $50. You can also try its 256GB version for $90 and $512GB version for $230 respectively.

Both of these Patriot’s USB drive models are having 5-year warranties.

There is also a Supersonic Magnum 2 product announced by Patriot. Even though its more details are not yet disclosed, it is expected to provide read and write speeds up to 400MB/s and 300MB/s.