How to Recover Files from Formatted Thumb Drive?

hyperx-predator-flash-driveUSB flash drive is a device connected to universal serial bus port to transfer data. Sometimes it is used to back up files such as audio songs, videos, pictures and several other files. But when USB drive is corrupted and user is unable to fetch data, it is recommended to format the USB flash drive. After formatting user lose all files and folder from USB disk. Most of the users lose hope to restore deleted files from thumb drive.

In case, if you are also trapped in similar horrible situation don’t panicked. Kingston Recovery tool is one of the outstanding and advanced tools to perform thumb drive recovery with utmost ease. This software not only recover data from Kingston thumb drive but also from Samsung, Sony, SanDisk, Toshiba, etc. You can use this software to recover files from a formatted thumb drive within few simple steps. The preview option allow you to check the performance of this recovery tool. You can purchase this application from website to recover formatted data from the removable thumb drive.

Some of the scenarios that are responsible for formatting thumb drive

  • Virus Attack
  • Bad Sector
  • File System Corruption
  • Unintentional Formatting
  • Abrupt Ejection of Thumb Drive
  • Sudden Fluctuation of Current or Power Surge

Kingston Recovery tool can be used to recover deleted files from thumb drive. Lots of data from removable drive is wiped out due to formatting. It is robust and user friendly tool that recovers all formatted data from USB thumb drive. Using this tool, you are able to recover 330 file types including generic and RAW files.

Precautions to avoid above mentioned scenarios

  • Always update the antivirus tool to the latest version to avoid virus infection on thumb drive
  • Prepare appropriate back up of all important file so that you can easily recover files after formatting
  • Follow up proper guidelines while ejecting thumb drive from your system.
  • Connect your system to an emergency power supply in order to avoid sudden system shut down.

Features of Kingston Recovery Tool

Kingston recovery tool is a useful tool to recover data from formatted thumb drive. You can also use this software to recover deleted or lost files from a different storage device in an effective way. Once you download this application on your system, you can easily perform data recovery from USB drive with few mouse clicks. It has several extraordinary features such as save recovery session, find an option, technical support and many more. Save Recovery Session allow user to resume the recovery process. The software scans whole drive and prepares a record of recoverable data. Find option of this application provides facility to sort out the recovered file from the huge list according to file signatures. You can also try this software for free, if you feel satisfied with the tool then you need to purchase. The technical support team is available to provide technical guidance to users.