How to Fix Filename Too Long Error on RAR File

“I downloaded a RAR file on my computer and when I try to extract the files from it, I get a WinRAR filename too long error. I downloaded the file again and still the error shows up when I try to extract files from it. Is it possible to extract files from a RAR file or fix filename too long error and successfully extract files from it?”

Sure, you can extract files from a RAR file by making use of a RAR repair tool if there is any error that is stopping you from extracting it. All you’ll need is a RAR repair tool that is certified to fix this error on your Windows computer. To know more about how you can repair RAR files that show the filename too long error, you can go through the tutorial video that is linked below:

Here you see how effortlessly you can repair the error and get back access to your RAR file again in just a matter of minutes. It just requires a few mouse clicks to repair your RAR file and that is it!

It is never easy to repair filename too long error on RAR files unless you get a repair software because there is no way one can fix this manually. There are numerous softwares that promise to repair this issue on your RAR file but it is never recommended to run any software that is not certified to do this job.

By relying on an unsafe software, you might further corrupt your RAR file and cause the file to be permanently damaged. A RAR file that is permanently damaged after repair can never again be accessed to extract files off it so make sure you get a good tool like the one used in the tutorial linked above.

When you make use of a software that has been specifically designed for this error, you are promised of retrieving each and every file off it. As we can see in the tutorial, the software supports to repair RAR file of any size and this is an extremely important requirement because RAR files can be of varying sizes and the software needs to support it.

Additionally, we also see this RAR repair tool letting you view the files that were successfully extracted from your RAR file after the repair, so you are well aware of the files even before you save the repaired RAR file to a folder on your computer. you also don’t have to worry about the Windows version running on your computer, since this application can be run on all versions of Windows too.

Now that you’re well aware of how one can fix filename too long error on a Windows computer, you can go ahead and get the repair tool on your computer and fix the issues causing the WinRAR file to throw the WinRAR filename too long error when you try to access the files in it.