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How to Perform SCSI Partition Recovery

Lost data from a SCSI partition? Or are you looking to recover data from a SCSI hard drive? Then you have landed on the right page to know the best solution for performing SCSI partition recovery from a hard drive. Losing data or even accidentally deleting data from SCSI hard drive is not a new thing. People may lose data that was not backed up and might end up in… Read Article →

Perform Data Recovery from WD Scorpio Blue

“Hello friends! In my Dell laptop, I am using WD Scorpio Blue hard drive (WD5000LPVT). Last night when I clicked on E drive then I got an error message: ‘E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.’ Due to this error message, I lost my all data from E drive. Many of the important data are stored in that drive and I want to recover those… Read Article →

How to Recover Data from Portable Hard Drive?

Hard Drive is a portable storage device which is mostly used to store various kinds of digital data such as documents files, spreadsheets, excel sheets, video/audio files, image files, etc. SCSI, SATA and IDE are the internal hard drives which are used in computer to store the digital data. There are various manufacturers’ brands of portable hard drives are available in the market such as Western Digital, Transcend, Lexar, Samsung,… Read Article →

How to Restore Data from Corrupted External Hard Drive

“I have a corrupted external hard disk in which almost all my data appears as shortcuts. I had my school assignments saved in it which are at the moment gone and I have to get them back at any cost. Is there something which may help me get back data from corrupted external hard drive? ” Of course, you can. Anybody can employ an external hard disk recovery software to… Read Article →

How to Recover Lost Data from External Hard Disk

“I have a 1TB external hard disk which is not showing up any data that is saved on it. I had over 2GB of data on it and now it’s vanished out of the blue. I’m looking to now get back the lost data from my external hard disk so can someone please say me if it’s possible to recover lost data from external hard disk?” It’s possible to recover… Read Article →